Press Quotes

“****…the young composer blends minimalism, neo-classical, jazz and chamber music into a unified whole which has many interlocking parts, conjoined thematic units and associated layers."
-- Audiophile Audition

"There's an endless supply of interesting ideas, and for a guy this young, it's a remarkably mature work...Math or Magic is an ambitious and accomplished record that bodes well for what Weiss does next."

"The narrative impulse is compelling: I started wondering what would happen next. . . The itinerary between introspection and euphoria is carefully thought out; the math serves the magic."
-- Signal To Noise Magazine

“…this music stands by itself in its instrumental weave and gorgeous melodies. Evan Weiss is definitely a composer to pay attention to."
-- Jerome Wilson, Cadence Magazine

"Circuitous Circuits" from MATH OR MAGIC featured on NPR's MORNING EDITION

"A very impressive debut recording from trumpeter/composer Evan Weiss. He's got a gorgeously sweet tone, sanded around the edges just right..."

" of the leading lights for the big bands of tomorrow to look up to. Clearly a case of auspicious beginnings, if he does nothing more than run at this speed, he’ll always be finishing first. Hot stuff."
-- Midwest Record

“They freshen early jazz forms and present them in grand splendor."
-- O's Place Jazz Magazine

"Beautiful strings, vocal intrigues, piano wonderment and spell-weaving that just won’t let you disengage once you start listening to it…"
-- Dick Metcalf (Zzaj Productions)

“On ‘Math or Magic’ Evan Weiss crafts solo music long on fuzzy melody and
ramshackle charm. One of the best albums of the year."
-- John Shelton Ivany