The Funky Knuckles - New Leafs


The Funky Knuckles - 1234


Math or MagicMath or Magic Is:

Evan Weiss - Trumpet
Hildegunn Gjedrem - Vocals
Julee Kim Walker - Flute
Chris Bullock - Clarinet
Jager Loyde - Bassoon
Fredrick Mckee - Violin
Imelda Tecson - Viola
Shawna Hamilton - Cello
Jiri Levicek - Piano
Ryan Hagler - Bass
Ross Pederson - Drums

Math or Magic Is:

Left of CenterA Translation of The Text:


Much art involves elaboration or refinement of pre-existing mental constructs. Theory is an attempt to explain existing artistic phenomena. However, it also greatly impacts the direction of artistic progress.

But art does not necessarily have to come from theory. There is a deeper consciousness that allows human beings to be aware of our own minds. Some art reaches this deeper level. It can touch us emotionally or even primally, in ways that relate specifically to the human condition.

Great art takes a balance of mind and soul, because only together do they make us human.

A Translation of The Text:


Beautiful art can come from many backgrounds. Some of it is created by schooled artists who value complexity and precision, while some of it is born from unschooled artists who do not attempt to codify what they create. What makes good art? The inspiration for this project was born out of my personal attempt to balance knowledge and creativity.